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  • Alex and Tim start out on 2 guitars width:640;;height:412
  • ... and swiftly swop around to fiddle and melodeon... width:640;;height:477
  • Tim has more facial expressions than a mime artist width:566;;height:480
  • Now we're back to guitars and voice width:640;;height:455
  • Fiddle, guitar and feet... width:560;;height:480
  • Alex sticks to the tune while Tim's guitar soars into impossible variations width:600;;height:480
  • Where does the inspiration come from...?  Just close your eyes.... width:640;;height:406
  • You naughty melodeon.... what are you doing...? width:504;;height:480
  • Alex needs to stretch his legs and stands up to sing a song as well as play the fiddle width:640;;height:426
  • That melodeon tells some awfully funny jokes, if Tim's reaction is anything to go by! width:622;;height:480
  • Time gets out one of the many other instruments he plays... a whistle width:640;;height:455
  • In the middle of a set Tim gets the idea that Alex is thrirsty...  the tune didn't falter a note, or a beat.. width:640;;height:472
  • Tim notices that Alex has a hole in his sock... or perhaps not width:640;;height:461
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