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  • Mike srenades us with Blackbird width:319;;height:480
  • George, eschewing trumpet and mandolin, gives us Tom Waits width:319;;height:480
  • The next Girls Super Group - Cherry, Anna, Annie,  Hilary and Anita, wow us with "Salva Nos" width:638;;height:425
  • And now they look like they're enjoying it... width:638;;height:425
  • Now Annie has summoned other members of her orchestra to do something Spanish width:638;;height:425
  • Tony Reader, the consummate entertainer... how does he do it? width:319;;height:480
  • Mike G, in superb form, brought his family along... width:319;;height:480
  • Kay  did'nt need the quitar, just brought it along for show... width:319;;height:480
  • Fran and Anita, last month's super group, furher enhance their reputation width:638;;height:425
  • The Bard himself, Ted, suitably festive attire width:319;;height:480
  • Hunt Gamble & Tresize, the original boy band width:638;;height:425
  • The house orchestra, Rob, Annie, Ted, Mike G and Peter finish off the party with some audience precipitation. width:638;;height:425
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